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A bit about whose opinions you are about to read...

I was raised in the Catholic church and school system (in Ontario Canada), but my parents migrated to the fundamentalist movement (which is predominantly Protestant) after my father was seriously injured; I think they were looking for a miraculous healing - mostly from the type of 'Christians' who make their living making those types of promises.

It doesn't take much to see through that nonsense, but I became interested in the 'more legitimate' mainstream ideologies in my own personal search for truth.

If you dare criticize organized religion you are vilified, and your search is dismissed as being anti-religion and biased, and today I certainly do have a definitive opinion which is contrary to the doctrines of the religious right, but I came to this position honestly. I fairly evaluated religious claims, both the nonsense miracle claims and the more mainstream apologist analysis, and I have honestly concluded that, regardless of honorable intent and heartfelt beliefs, there simply is no bases for belief; and lots of evidence against the claim of a theistic deity (i.e. there is no god!).

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